Dayton PC Repair – Our History

Dayton PC Repair began life more than 8 years ago, serving the Greater Dayton area as a full service IT firm offering services to businesses and consumers.

Our Faith

In 2013 our owner was saved by God’s grace through his faith in Jesus Christ. John 3:!6 Since then we have been focusing on building the company around Biblical business principals.

Certified IT Service Professionals

Dayton PC Repair is a culmination of strong IT professionals. We don’t hire computer gamers or geeks and give them professional titles. We hire experienced, certified, experts with proven track records who have a passion for overcoming their next challenge. In other words, we are the backbone behind the technology, not the “point-click” nerds from the big box stores.

A Typical Computer Shop – We are not!

At DPR the atmosphere is fun and fast passed, not typical for a computer shop is it? Everyone on this bus is self motivated, dependable and here because they want to be part of the team. We don’t hire people who are looking for “a job”. So what does this mean to you? Better Service! Clear and simple.

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Laptop Computer Repair Service in Dayton - Centerville Ohio
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