Virus and Malware Removal

Malware and other malicious software comes in different forms such as ransom ware, botnets, keyloggers, viruses, worm, trojan horse, spyware, adware, crapware, rootkits and any combination thereof.  It can focus on a network, a smart phone or individual computers. It’s always a back and forth battle between malicious software authors to avoid detection and anti-malicious software authors to detect it. An anti-virus software package may not be an anti-adware or anti-spyware program. Though there are many differences you should never use multiple ones on the same computer as they easily conflict with each other and can lessen the effectiveness of each.

Viruses and other nasties can also slow down a computer system. Often times these do not present very clear symptoms. It is completely possible that your computer is running fine and that it still has multiple infections. It is imperative to catch these infections as soon as possible to prevent them from slowly consuming your system. Another problem is that your security and privacy might be comprimised without you even knowing it.


Dayton PC Repair is staffed with IT industry experts, better skilled and better trained than some of “nerds” or computer gamers you may find at other companies. We have the experience to tell the difference and properly remove malicious software.

Are Macs Virus Proof?

Nope! The industry is starting to see more malicious software for macs. This is a common myth. It is true that you are much less likely to see malicious software on your Mac though. The reason for this has to do with two things, the complexity of the *nix based operating system and the lack of market share that Mac has. Malicious software authors typically want there programs to be as effective as possible so they write it for the most widely accepted platform, Windows.

Anti-* Software is Useless at Removing Many Infections

In some cases malware can be caught but not removed by your anti-virus. In other cases, it’s not seen at all. Sometimes you may have no symptoms and in others you’ll notice a sudden decrease in system performance, random pop-up windows, or some window asking you to pay money to remove viruses. Often this malware asking you to pay money is very well disguised as anti-virus software telling you that you have hundreds or thousands of infected files and it will remove them if you pay for it. DON”T PAY THEM, they are simply trying to steal your CC number.

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