PC Computer Repair

We can service any make, and model of computer. Our PC repair technicians are the best you’ll find in Dayton Ohio. They are Industry Certified and Professionally trained to do the job right the first time. Maybe you are in the market for a new Computer, call us first. Our custom built PCs are shockingly more affordable than a store bought unit. A custom built Computer allows us to install only the software you need, and you will not have all the trial software so common with new computers that slow the system down.

System Tune Up / Optimization

It’s possible to speed up your computer by tweaking your system startup, performing virus and other malware removal, clearing extraneous data, optimizing your system, and installing the proper software for maintenance. When your computer boots up, many system processes and programs are loaded. When certain programs are installed, they add a startup entry to your system. Over time, these programs start to consume more and more memory.

This can slow the entire system down. We have a trained eye for optimizing your system startup so only the programs you need are loaded into memory. It’s often the case that privacy concerns crop up in temporary holding locations for web files. We remove these files in all locations in which those files are stored. This typically increases computer speed on its own, but the main benefit comes from freeing up extra storage space for your future files. We know the right steps to take to eliminate system slowdowns and return your computer to a state that allows you to use it at its full capacity.

Operating System Reloads

If your system is running slow or crashing constantly the problem may be in the software. After testing all hardware we can reinstall your operating system (Windows or Mac). You data is copied off to a storage machine, scanned for viruses, then we format your drive (removing everything), re-install your OS, install all drivers, security updates, and software. Then your data is copied back over to your computer. This leaves you with a computer that is better than new. Don’t be fooled by other computer repair companies in Dayton, we one of the few who know how to do this the right way. If you neighbor says he can do it $20, run. It’s takes a lot more experiance than many “wanna be” techies will gain in their life time to install the correct drivers and optimize your system for maximum speed.

Hard Drives

Hard Drives hold all your data, your documents, pictures and music. It is a mechanical device and therefore, prone to failure from time to time. Factory laptop hard drives typically last only a few years, when they go out you risk loosing all your data. Sometimes there are no signs of a pending failure and other times you might only get a slight warning. Symptoms include, random error messages, un-responsiveness, slow performance, or a failure to open a document or program.

Memory Upgrades

We will provide the correct memory for any computer type and install it for you. Replacing the memory (RAM) in your computer, or upgrading to better memory, can increase the speed and responsiveness of your system and programs. It is not common, but memory can go bad and need replacing. Symptoms of bad memory include a non-starting computer, or a computer that starts and then quickly shuts off. If it is slowly going bad, you may experience random memory read or write errors in Windows. If this is the case, you need a computer repair in the form of a memory replacement.

We will perform the proper diagnostics and install and test the new compatible memory. Sometimes users just want to extend the performance of their system by installing a memory upgrade. With a memory upgrade, your computer system will have more memory which will allow it to perform tasks much quicker in most cases. We will ensure that you get the best compatible memory for your computer from our distributors. We will install the RAM memory and run diagnostics to make sure it is operating at peak performance.

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Laptop Computer Repair Service in Dayton - Centerville Ohio
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